Leases – it’s all in the Wording

The importance of clear and explicit wording in your contractual arrangements has been confirmed by the recent quashing by the Supreme Court of the Court of Appeal’s judgment against Mobil Oil – Mobil Oil New Zealand Limited v Development Auckland Limited [2016] NZSC 89.   The Court of Appeal – disagreeing with the High Court […]

Reverse Sensitivity – Spraying in Rural Areas

The recent case of Avatar Glen Ltd v New Plymouth District Council is noteworthy for its consideration of issues raised by residential neighbours to the proposed specialist dementia care home relating to possible reverse sensitivity arising from horticultural spraying activities.   The Environment Court found on an interim basis that there was no valid reason […]

Special Housing Areas

SPECIAL HOUSING AREAS What are Special Housing Areas? Special Housing Areas (SHAs) are areas of land that have been approved by Order in Council as satisfying the criteria to be approved as SHAs which in turn allows the land to be developed for residential housing at a faster and more permissive way than they would […]

When the only option is Redundancy

By Heather Collins – Solicitor at Pitt & Moore   With the recent downturn in dairy prices many farm owners are looking to reduce costs by reorganising the way they run their business. As a result, staffing levels may need to be reconsidered. If you find yourself in this position it’s important you follow the […]

Rules for Unmanned Aircraft

Rapidly advancing technology and the associated rise in popularity of remote controlled aircraft has resulted in a recent update to New Zealand civil aviation legislation. If you want to fly these unmanned aircraft you need to make sure you know what the new rules are and how to comply. The term “unmanned aircraft” can apply […]

How to Buy New Farm Equipment

By Geoff Caradus, Partner at Pitt & Moore   It’s always an exciting moment when you get a shiny new piece of equipment for the farm.  Whether it’s a tractor, quad bike or combine harvester you expect your new beast will work as described to do the job. But what happens when it doesn’t? Like […]