When the only option is Redundancy

By Heather Collins – Solicitor at Pitt & Moore   With the recent downturn in dairy prices many farm owners are looking to reduce costs by reorganising the way they run their business. As a result, staffing levels may need to be reconsidered. If you find yourself in this position it’s important you follow the […]

Could your employee be your competitor?

As business becomes more competitive, clients, confidential information and trade secrets become increasingly valuable. More than ever, business owners need to think about protecting their businesses from the competitive actions of ex-employees. As a general principle, an ex-employer cannot prevent an employee continuing to use their personal skills to earn a living.  However, an Employment […]

Defamation in the Eletronic Age

Given the recent high profile defamation claim by Chris Cairns against a Mr Lalit Modi arising from a single “tweet” sent by Mr Modi, it is worthwhile reviewing the risks of defamation in the electronic age as some people have the misconception that the rules of defamation don’t apply to the Internet.  Another common misconception […]

Suspicious about Sick Leave?

If you suspect an employee is misusing sick leave what can you do?  Some employers quickly turn detective.  Recent examples in the courts include employers checking facebook, physically tracking employees and even demanding to see bank accounts.  And while those actions might reveal what an employer suspects, the courts view the need for fair and […]