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Rules for Unmanned Aircraft

Rapidly advancing technology and the associated rise in popularity of remote controlled aircraft has resulted in a recent update to New Zealand civil aviation legislation. If you want to fly these unmanned aircraft you need to make sure you know what the new rules are and how to comply. The term “unmanned aircraft” can apply […]

Being Smart About Retirement

By Rob Lane – Partner at Pitt & Moore If you’re looking forward to spending less time on your agricultural business and more on enjoying your life as you head towards retirement, then you’re not alone. Like many of our clients, you’re of the baby-boomer generation who have worked hard for decades to generate income […]

Commercial Lease Updates Reflect Shake-Ups

If you’re a commercial landlord or tenant it’s likely that you’ll be familiar with the Auckland District Law Society Deed of Lease. Difficult economic conditions caused by the Global Financial Crisis and lessons learnt from the Christchurch earthquakes have been the catalysts for the most significant overhaul of the Deed of Lease since 2006.  The […]

S149 of the Companies Act A potential trap for directors of privately held companies

The term “insider trading” is generally associated with share dealings in large publicly held companies, rather than share dealings in small privately held companies. However, directors of even the smallest of privately held companies need to be aware of section 149 of the Companies Act 1993, which provides an insider trading regime for directors of […]

Defamation in the Eletronic Age

Given the recent high profile defamation claim by Chris Cairns against a Mr Lalit Modi arising from a single “tweet” sent by Mr Modi, it is worthwhile reviewing the risks of defamation in the electronic age as some people have the misconception that the rules of defamation don’t apply to the Internet.  Another common misconception […]