New obligations for residential contractors

Whether it’s renovations to existing homes or building new ones, if you or your business is involved in building work in the residential area, you need to make sure you comply with new Regulations that came in at the start of the year. From 1 January, The Building (Residential Consumer Rights and Remedies) Regulations 2014 […]

Wills – Second Relationships, Two Families

We often have to advise on drafting of wills where the person making the will has a second relationship. There are the children to consider from the first relationship, the partner in the new relationship and potentially her children, or their children from that second relationship. Those clients frequently ask questions like: Do I have […]

Taxing decisions for lifestylers

By Rob Lane, Partner at Pitt & Moore Buying a lifestyle block conjures up romantic visions of being able to enjoy country living without the financial and time commitments of a working farm. However, it can pay to do some hard thinking before you purchase that lifestyle block you’ve fallen in love with. It’s all […]

The Shifting Sands of Time … and Rivers

By Geoff Caradus      Associate, Pitt & Moore Nature rules when it comes to the law around water as a property boundary.  It may seem anachronistic when boundaries are now set and checked using satellite technology, but when a river, creek, stream or even an inland lake is part of a property boundary, the common law […]