Employment Advice for Employers

We’re the go-to team for small, medium and large organisations throughout the Top of the South with challenging workplace needs. Our rich experience informs our approach and helps us spot unexpected risks, and devise fresh solutions.

We’ll work with you right through the employment relationship, from hiring through to management, across the full spectrum of employment law, including workplace health and safety, employment agreements, disciplinary issues and restructuring.

We can review your workplace policies and processes, including your drug and alcohol policies, to ensure that you are always on top of the changes in the law. We can also conduct independent investigations of any employment related issues in your workplace.

Keeping you one step ahead

We always work to keep our clients one step ahead through comprehensive advice, so they can anticipate and avoid employment related risks, but if those risks materialise we’ll use our disputes experience to protect you.

Compliance audit

Penalties for non-compliance with minimum employment standards for individuals range from $1,000 to above $25,000; for companies from $1,000 to above $50,000.

We are experts in this field and can keep you one step ahead with our comprehensive compliance audit. The sole aim of our carefully designed audit is to assist you to anticipate and avoid employment compliance related risks. We can also provide support with designing, implementing and monitoring your systems and processes to ensure compliance with your obligations as employers.

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We’re a firm of solicitors

Pitt & Moore is a firm of regulated and authorised employment law solicitors. Why is this important? Because many businesses and advisors without these credentials dispense employment law advice. They are not regulated solicitors.

What you get only with a solicitor


Solicitors must be admitted to the New Zealand Bar and have obtained a law degree though years of study at a university, and must maintain standards by completing a minimum amount of professional development or training each year.

Full regulation and oversight by the NZ Law Society

The Lawyers Standards Committee imposes and enforces very strict standards of professional conduct with regard to everything solicitors do.

Solicitor-client privilege

This means that any legal advice given to you by a solicitor will not be seen by any court or tribunal. It is unlikely that any legal advice given to you by a non-qualified solicitor will be privileged in this way. This is a very important consideration, because without legal advice privilege you may need to disclose advice that may be negative to your case during legal proceedings

Heather Collins

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