Litigation & Dispute Resolution Lawyers

We have a broad range of expertise in advising on and resolving disputes. This includes acting for clients in negotiations, at mediations and arbitrations, as well as appearing for clients in courts and before specialist tribunals.

If you have a civil dispute, a breach of contract, a neighbourhood dispute, a property dispute, a property relationship issue, or an issue regarding wills or family protection, we can assist.

We work with our clients to understand their needs and deliver the best solutions. Our aim is to ensure cost-effective and timely resolution of disputes.

Prevention is better than cure

The earlier you get us involved the better. If your circumstances are changing you need to ensure you can avoid any future conflict. This includes changing business structures, changing family circumstances, new relationships, or new assets.

Peace of mind when you need it

Disputes can be fraught and emotional times, causing stress and anxiety. They can prevent you from moving forward with your business or your personal life. Our team has a reputation for providing peace of mind by developing a plan with you, and based on the circumstances specific to your case.

A commitment to containing costs

A good lawyer helps keep you out of court. Our approach is to resolve your issues as quickly and effectively as possible. While there are times when an aggressive approach is required, you are more likely to get the results you require from a reasoned and consultative approach, allowing you to get on with your business, and your life. Our solid, conservative and reliable advice will allow you to do this.

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Topics: All Select