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For over 100 years, Pitt & Moore have maintained a strong and growing practice in providing legal advice to Māori organisations in the Te Tau Ihu region.

We have built up long-standing business partnerships with our Māori clients. As a result we have an in-depth background knowledge about where our clients’ organisations have come from and where they’re heading to. This means we understand the context around many of your issues and are in a position to anticipate potential problems before they arise.

Our rich experience and understanding of the Te Tau Ihu region and the key players within the area mean we have our finger on the pulse. We know what is happening in the region and are able to quickly connect with the right people, enabling you to achieve your objectives more quickly and cost-effectively than might otherwise be the case.

If you are a Māori Incorporation, Māori Trust organisation, or a Māori trading company and want lawyers who understand and respect your cultural values while looking after your commercial interests, we can help.

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Sian Holden

Position: Partner
Email: sian.holden@pittandmoore.co.nz
DDI: +64 3 545 6711

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