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I want to start a business or invest in New Zealand 

We can help with advising on all the relevant immigration requirements to ensure this can happen.

Investment and business visas

If you have capital and the right skills, New Zealand can offer you dedicated investor and business visas that open up opportunities for you to settle, or at least spend considerable time here, enjoying all our beautiful country has to offer.

Business (Entrepreneur) visas

You can apply for a Business (Entrepreneur) visa if you plan to purchase or establish a business in New Zealand.

New Zealand wants to attract capital to our economy. Investor migrants can enjoy the New Zealand lifestyle without having to work.

There are a number of visa options available for investors and entrepreneurs:

Investor 1 Category, Investor 2 Category, Parent Retirement Category and Temporary Retirement Category.

While Entrepreneur Work and Entrepreneur Residence Visas also require considerable investments, they are primarily based on buying or establishing and running a business in New Zealand and are covered by a separate visa policy.

Will you qualify for an Investor Visa?

Different levels of investments are required for different investor visa types:

  • Investor 1 Category: NZ $10 million
  • Investor 2 Category: NZ $3 million investment
  • Parent Retirement Category: NZ $1.0 million investment +  NZ $0.5 million 
  • settlement funds, plus family and annual income requirements
  • Temporary Retirement Category: NZ $0.75 million investment + NZ $0.5 million
  • settlement funds, and annual income requirements.
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