Are you facing deportation from New Zealand?

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    You can be deported from New Zealand because:

    • you’re here “unlawfully” (illegally) – for example, if your visa has now expired but you’ve stayed in the country

    • you’re here lawfully on a current Temporary Visa or Residence Class Visa, but you’ve done something wrong, like breaking the law (for example, you have committed a driving offence) or breaching the conditions of your visa (for example, working when you’ve only got a Visitor Visa), or withholding relevant information from Immigration New Zealand when you applied for your visa.

    If you have been served with a deportation liability questionnaire, a deportation liability notice or have become unlawful in New Zealand it is recommended that you contact an immigration lawyer as a matter of urgency to discuss your options.
    We are experts in this complex area and have assisted various clients to successfully contest their liability for deportation.

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