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We know what’s required to obtain a work visa so you can work here without breaching any New Zealand immigration laws.

We are not able to assist you with finding work. There are a number of recruitment specialists in New Zealand that may be able to assist you in this regard depending on your skills and qualifications. You can also use online websites advertising job vacancies.

Employers can be reluctant to offer someone a position if they cannot start work for an extended period (for example whilst a visa application is being processed) especially when there is no guarantee the employee will be granted a visa.

Once you have found an employer who is offering you a job

Once you have found an employer who would like to employ you, our team of Immigration Specialists, can work with you and your new employer on submitting a suitable work visa application to Immigration New Zealand in the required format.

There are a number of work visas that can be applied for depending on your circumstances.

Already working in New Zealand and would like another work visa

If you are currently employed in New Zealand, your employer may be able to sponsor you for an Essential Skills Work Visa. The most important thing is for the employer to demonstrate that no New Zealanders are available to take the position. This is primarily done in two ways – either that the position is on the skills shortage list, or if they can provide evidence that they have made genuine attempts to recruit New Zealanders but have been unsuccessful.

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