Pitt & Moore are pleased to be tenants in the first commercial space to undergo earthquake-strengthening in Richmond.

Owned by Network Tasman, Pitt & Moore’s Richmond office is within the former Waimea Electric Power Board building at 66 Oxford Street, which was built in 1958. In consultation with Pitt & Moore, their new office has undergone extensive remedial earthquake repair work to meet earthquake standards put in place after the Canterbury quakes.

Pitt & Moore were tenants in another Network Tasman Building on Queen Street which was found to have severe structural issues in terms of resistance to earthquakes last year. The building was deemed so unsafe they had to immediately move to temporary premises while Network Tasman contracted the remedial engineering and design work for the new building.

Tasman District Council Co-ordinator Building Control, Phil Hilleard says Network Tasman moved quickly to identify the safety of their buildings.

‘Network Tasman is one of the first companies in Tasman District to voluntarily strengthen their building against earthquake now, rather than waiting until it is enforced under Council Policy or Legislation.  In making this decision Network Tasman are taking occupant safety in a significant earthquake seriously, extending the economic life of their building and safeguarding their ability to deliver their essential service,’he says..

The new design of the Pitt & Moore office has retained the industrial feel of the old building and has even made a feature of the new concrete shear walls that give seismic strength.

Pitt & Moore Richmond Managing Partner, Anissa Bain says not only are they safer, but the new office, designed by RedBox architects, is getting lots of praise from clients.

“We love the modern design and the exposed structure. As well as being a nice environment for us, our clients love it, and it’s very comforting to know that our office now meets the national earthquake building standards 100%,” she says.

Network  Tasman Chief Executive Wayne Mackey says and it took only 10 months from the engineering results to Pitt & Moore moving in.

“It’s been a unique process of collaboration between Network Tasman, the architects and engineers, the Tasman District Council and our tenants, Pitt & Moore.  We’ve all worked together to make this as smooth a process as possible and we’re extremely pleased with the result,” says Wayne Mackey. 

Richard Carver of Redbox Architects says it was great to be able to show off the structural engineering developed by Steven King-Turner of W.R Andrew Ltd.

“We realised that we could create a functional, beautiful office by incorporating instead of hiding the structural skeleton.  By exposing the new seismic structure, the overall finished result is a safe character-filled office environment. It is one that Pitt & Moore enjoys working in and Network Tasman can be proud of.”

The Pitt & Moore office reconstruction was the only entry from the Nelson Tasman Region in the 2013 Earthquake Strengthening Awards and the design  was displayed at the awards in Wellington recently.

For More Information Please Contact:

Anissa Bain at Pitt & Moore, Richmond 03 5439090