When Rosy Matheson was admitted to the bar at the Nelson District Court on Friday 3rd of May it was the realisation of a dream that started when she was a Nelson Mail paper girl on the Port Hills of Nelson.
The 23 year old works as a junior criminal lawyer with Public Defence Services in Christchurch but has chosen to have her admission to the bar ceremony in Nelson as a tribute to all those in Nelson who supported her quest, both professionally and personally, to become a lawyer.

“There are so many people who helped me get to this point including all the lawyers and staff at Pitt & Moore who were beside me all the way. I can honestly say that without their support I am not sure
if my dreams to practice law could have come true. I am truly grateful to Pitt & Moore for providing me with the opportunity to achieve in my chosen profession.”

Rosy says the idea of becoming a lawyer was first seeded by one of the regulars on her paper round. The late Noya Geddes, who suggested to the teenager that she consider a career in law and arranged for Rosy to meet Judge David McKegg.

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NN-Mail-Photo“Judge McKegg stimulated my interest in the law and started what became a passion. He encouraged me to apply for a position as a summer assistant at the Nelson District Court while I was still at school. Then while I was at college I was encouraged to pursue Pitt & Moore who provided me with the opportunity to work as an office junior. I worked for the firm in the holidays and then worked for them for a year full-time before I started my law degree at University of Canterbury.”

Pitt & Moore employed Rosy during her holidays and supported her throughout her degree.

Pitt & Moore Partner Mike McMellon says they believe law firms have an important role to play in helping promising young people into a law career. “We recognise that because anyone from Nelson who’s interested in law will have to move away to gain their degree and that can be a bit daunting both financially and emotionally for someone just finishing high school.  It was a true pleasure to be able to help Rosy because she was so keen and enthusiastic to learn right from the moment she walked into our offices,” he says.

Rosy says the degree can be both rewarding and challenging. “But with the fantastic support and encouragement of the approachable people at Pitt & Moore, I was kept motivated and encouraged to embrace and overcome the challenges.”

Janine Bonifant, who is the Deputy Public Defender in Wellington attended the ceremony as moving counsel. She was previously a Partner at Pitt & Moore, and she says the firm provided Rosy with  tangible support while she studied for her degree.

 Law Dream Comes True Read Article……….

“Rosy has been a worthy recipient of that support. Personally, it has been a pleasure to watch Rosy’s ongoing success with her legal studies.  I am delighted to have the privilege of moving her admission to the bar and welcoming her into the profession.”

Judge David McKegg says it’s a personal thrill to see Rosy’s achievements.

“For over a decade I have watched Rosy’s dedication to the task of education and qualification. I am very proud of her and grateful to Pitt & Moore for the guidance they provided to her.  She is a dedicated and
determined young lawyer.’

Rosy says when she was still at school she dreamt of being a lawyer and was fascinated by court cases but she did not feel that such a professional vocation would be possible.  “But with a positive attitude and surrounded by people that were saying ‘go for it’, including the staff at Pitt & Moore, it gave me a real boost to take that step.”

One of eight children, Rosy says most of her immediate family will be there to celebrate with her, including her younger sister Roxy who is also now also working as an office junior at Pitt & Moore.

Rosy doesn’t expect to return to Nelson in the near future but she says she will definitely return to work here some time in her career.

“If I can inspire other young people in Nelson to consider a legal career I would be delighted. If you want to do it, just go for it. Even though you can’t get a law degree here in Nelson that doesn’t have to stand in your way. It can be a bit intimidating leaving for university, but the rewards are definitely worth it.

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