A brand idea which has been staring us in the face since 1864 …..

Pitt & Moore wanted to have a more meaningful and clearly defined brand for marketing purposes.

At the beginning of 2011, a local graphic design firm Downing Design, was engaged to help identify our brand values, and then translate those values into promotion. A workshop was held involving the whole firm to establish and clarify our brand values. The result was the revamp of the Pitt & Moore identity to align strongly with our values and purpose.

Brand idea ….

Following on from the workshop the creative team from Downing Design unearthed a seed of an idea that had existed in our logo since the partnership started in 1864. The idea, when presented to the Partners, was immediately accepted with enthusiasm and the creative process was started.

It’s an idea that relates strongly to the core values of our firm; that is the idea of the ampersand (&) the abbreviated form of ‘and’. The ampersand speaks of joining and connecting two ideas. In the first instance it is about the partners in the firm, however it could be pushed further to describe the successful partnership between client and firm. It could also be about the extra value that Pitt & Moore adds to a client. The slogan ‘Partners for Success’ was created and gives meaning to the ampersand and makes a promise to clients that is based on the purpose of Pitt & Moore to advance clients’ interests.

The end result ….

The end result is very satisfying and the new brand has been applied in a host of ways including new stationery, new signage, artwork, various redecoration within the office and a variety of marketing material. The new branding will also be applied to our new Richmond office premises due for completion at the end of 2012.

Our firm greatly appreciated working with the creative minds at Downing Design who developed an idea which we hope will see Pitt & Moore through another 148 years.