We Speak Your Language

At Pitt & Moore we are proud that many of our lawyers and legal staff are fluent in their own native languages as well as many others โ€“ 10 to be exact including Dutch, German, Russian, Afrikaans, Hindi, Gujarati, Mandarin, Japanese, French and Italian. We also have a staff member who is a sign language speaker.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to discuss personal matters with a lawyer, however, the reason for this shouldnโ€™t be because of a language barrier.

The ability to communicate in a native language means better support around the legal process as people seek legal advice or access to justice, or have discussions concerning immigration and visa processes.

The ability to speak your language is one of the ways we at Pitt & Moore make you feel more at ease, understood and help gain your trust.

To speak to one of our multilingual lawyers or legal staff contact us today on 03 548 8349 or mail@pittandmoore.co.nz.