Recognition well deserved

Great news here at Pitt & Moore, a number of promotions within our team.

We are happy to let our clients and the wider community know that Emma Marshall, who joined us earlier this year as an Associate, is joining the Partnership from April 1, 2022, to lead the Senior Law and Estates Team.

Emma returned to Nelson to practice law in 2007 after stints in London and Lausanne, Switzerland and has a wealth of experience in succession planning and Trust Law. We are thrilled to have Emma take on this role.

And the promotions within our team donโ€™t stop there. Congratulations also to Senior Solicitors Elly Fleming, Heather Collins, Rhys Thompson, Tessa North and Yvanca Clarisse, who have all been promoted to Associate roles within the firm. Sarah Thompson, meanwhile, has also been promoted to Senior Solicitor.

We strive to deliver the highest quality legal work, by ensuring we have the best people.

Congratulations again to Emma, Elly, Heather, Rhys, Tessa, Yvanca and Sarah, whose promotions are a recognition of the incredible achievements they have made for our clients, and the expertise they bring to the Pitt & Moore team.

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