ImmigrationWhen you are looking to change your immigration status you need to understand the requirements, thoroughly. Dealing with any change in status can be time consuming, confusing and frustrating. If you get it wrong, you risk your case not getting a fair result. Our team, led by Mike McMellon, are members of the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment, keeping them up to date with New Zealand Immigration policies, people and processes. Mike previously chaired the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment Policy and Advocacy Committee and was a Director on the Board of the Association. You need experts who:

  • understand the New Zealand Immigration Service
  • understand the requirements and processes for any change in status
  • can give you a fair and honest assessment of the likely outcome
  • will ultimately save you time and stress, and strive to get you a successful outcome.

When you have to interact with NZ Immigration, whether you need a New Zealand visitor’s visa, or a work permit, or you are looking to become a New Zealand resident, or citizen, we can assist in ensuring you get the best outcome. As an employer wanting to employ a foreign worker you must follow the correct procedures that satisfy the policy requirements, in order to ensure you have the best chance of getting the outcome you require. We know and understand how to apply these policies in practice. Getting it wrong can impact on your business and your employee’s immigration status. In addition, as a full service law firm we are able to assist you with any other related matters, such as purchasing property, or business, or OIO applications. We offer a 30 minute free consultation on immigration matters. Contact us to book an appointment with our team. Our experience means we can give you realistic expectations for your situation.  Contact: Mike McMellon Email:
DDI: 0064 (0) 3 545 6710

Skype: michael.mcmellon

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