Sarah Thompson

Position: Senior Solicitor
DDI: +64 3 928 0723

  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours), Bachelor of Arts, University of Auckland (2015)
  • Committee Member, Nelson Bays Community Law Service
  • Synod Representative, All Saints Anglican Church
  • Member of the Auckland District Law Society

Sarah is a problem solver, whose energy and approach to resolving disputes is strongly valued by our clients. She strives to minimise stress and distraction for what can be complex issues – and achieves this through clear communication and practical advice.

Sarah joined Pitt & Moore in early 2020 as part of the litigation team. She arrived with three years’ litigation experience in large national firms, which shows in her technical ability and concise writing style. Her approach to disputes is also informed by two years in a quasi-legal role where she built partnerships to deliver better outcomes for organisational stakeholders.

Sarah regularly works with clients facing a broad range of disputes and can assist with almost every type of dispute or court application due to her comprehensive training and experience. Her core areas of practice include relationship property, disputes between neighbours or shareholders, contractual disputes and employment litigation. She has a special interest in advertising law and insurance problems.

Regardless of your problem, Sarah will listen to you and give you sound advice to get you the outcome you want. She is approachable, personable and ready to help – contact Sarah today.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

In addition to the wide variety of areas Sarah has practiced in, she is experienced in both large and small claims. Whether your problem is a few thousand dollars or a multi-million dollar issue, Sarah is an advocate you can rely upon.

Intellectual Property

As part of Sarah’s litigation practice, she has provided advice in defending trademark, passing off and Fair Trading Act claims for fast moving consumer goods. She has also assisted in copyright litigation for a television broadcaster in respect of programme data.

Health & Safety

Sarah has experience assisting with Court processes following an accident, including where fatalities have occurred.

Relationship Property

Sarah whole-heartedly observes the ethical obligation on her (and all other lawyers practicing in this area) to promote a friendly relationship between former partners. She also believes that her clients should be in the driving seat of their own life – and her role is only to help them navigate a tricky stretch – rather than to take the wheel.

Where possible, Sarah encourages her clients to work directly with their former partner, to reach an agreement that is fair and reflective of each persons’ statutory entitlements under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976. She will provide her initial advice on how this should occur and be a sounding board if problems or complexity arises, before ensuring the agreement made is final – allowing people to enjoy a clean break with minimal legal costs.

Sometimes things are trickier – due to complicated/hidden assets, how financial affairs have been structured during the relationship, personalities or continued conflict. Sarah’s clients value her sound advice and assistance which ensures a resolution is negotiated as amicably and promptly as possible. She is quick to spot red flags and discuss your options with you, if a significant dispute appears inevitable. She is always mindful of legal costs and her obligation to promote restoration of relationships, so will only recommend escalation of a dispute where it is in your best interests – if there is another way, Sarah will use it.

The best insurance policy against messy relationship property disputes, especially for people in second relationships or with significant assets, is an agreement that contracts out of the Property (Relationships) Act 1976. Sarah enjoys working with her clients to achieve an agreement that is fair to both people in the relationship. While these can sometimes be awkward to negotiate, especially if money isn’t often discussed in your relationship, Sarah is an expert in guiding clients through this process. Clients appreciate the certainty of a binding and reliable agreement, as they can live without fear of a separation setting them back financially.

Sarah appears regularly for relationship property matters in the Family Court.


Sarah is often called upon to assist clients resolve employment disputes or grievances. Her technical ability is evident when she works with clients in gathering their evidence. Her arguments are reliably persuasive. She enjoys constructive dismissal claims and complex union disputes. She has appeared before the Employment Relations Authority and the Employment Court.

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