Andrea Halloran

As part of Pitt & Moore’s Litigation Team, Andrea heads our resource management team and is able to help clients with other litigation including relationship property, estates and trusts and civil disputes.

With over 20 years’ experience in dealing with disagreements, both in court and in private mediations and arbitration, Andrea has developed a reputation for effective problem-solving. Her belief in communicating openly and working collaboratively with clients helps develop the trust that is needed to get to a satisfactory resolution.

Andrea has worked successfully with a wide variety of clients. She has worked in government and local government roles including being Senior Counsel at (as it then was) the Auckland City Council. More recently she was a Senior Staff Barrister in Auckland, dealing with a variety of both commercial and family disputes. She knows the importance of preparing your case thoroughly and is used to briefing experts necessary to assist.

Andrea has appeared in a full range of Courts and Tribunals. While most cases settle out of Court, she is adept at representing clients if the matter requires a third party to determine it and has completed the NZ Law Society’s Advanced Litigation Skills course – a highly regarded programme for advanced litigators.  Having recently completed the “Making Good Decisions” course she is also qualified to be a panel member to determine resource consent applications.

While her career has been in Auckland, Andrea says moving to the Nelson region hasn’t reduced the legal challenges. In terms of resource management, the regional issues may be different but she says the underlying principles are the same. In terms of civil disputes, most people want to resolve their disputes as quickly and fairly as possible and Andrea considers it vital to discuss and agree on a strategy to achieve that, right from the outset.

Favourite tip about the region

Considering Andrea is a recent arrival from Auckland, it’s no surprise she would say the lack of traffic! She says it now takes her one-seventh of the time it did to get to and from work and that leaves her more time to explore the region. Currently, her favourite thing to do when she gets the chance to relax is to go bike riding with her family to enjoy the visual and culinary delights of the area.

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