Practising law in Nelson and Tasman regions for over 150 years

Decades of knowledge, skill and passion for the law have made Pitt & Moore what it is today.


  • 1864

    A Firm is Born

    In 1864 Albert Pitt migrated to Nelson from Hobart, Tasmania and started his own legal practice. Mr Pitt had a diverse practice and a distinguished career, not shying away from the spot light. He was appointed to the position of Provincial Solicitor for the Nelson Provincial Council while also appearing as an advocate for the defendants in the Maungatapu murders case in mid-1866.

    In 1868 he entered into partnership with Henry Adams, trading as “Adam and Pitt”.

    Image: Pitt, Mr A. Dec 1883. Nelson Provincial Museum, W E Brown Collection: 11795

  • 1879

    Current name “Pitt & Moore” adopted

    Edward Moore was an articled clerk to Albert Pitt and joined him in partnership to form the firm of Pitt & Moore in 1879. The name “Pitt & Moore” is believed to be one of the oldest unchanged legal brand names in New Zealand.

    Since that time the firm has maintained relationships with families and businesses in the region for more than 100 years.

    For example, Pitt & Moore has represented the families of Wakatū Incorporation since the late 1800s, with Mr Pitt representing the whānau in early Native Land Court cases.

    Image: Moore, Mr. Nelson Provincial Museum, Tyree Studio Collection: 20764

  • 1899

    Mr Pitt became a member of the Legislative Council in 1899 and in June 1903 a member of the Seddon Government, as Attorney-General. He was the Attorney-General from 1903 until his death on 18 November 1906.

    Image: Colonel Pitt. Nelson Provincial Museum, Tyree Studio Collection: 53779

  • 1914

    Pitt Memorial Gates

    On 3rd of May 1914 a formal opening was held of the Pitt Memorial Gates erected on the Bridge Street side of the Queen’s Gardens in Nelson in memory of the late Albert Pitt. A century on, the gates continue to serve as a lasting memorial to Albert Pitt.

    The inscriptions on the pillars of the gates are as follows:

    "These gates were erected by the people in recognition of the public service and private work of Albert Pitt, 1842-1906."

    "The Hon. Albert Pitt, V.D., M.L.C Attorney-General, Lieutenant Colonel of the New Zealand Militia, member of the House of Representatives for the City of Nelson, 1879-1881, Officer commanding Nelson Military district, 1877-1899.”

    Image: Pitt Memorial Gates, Queens Gardens, Dedication Ceremony. Nelson Provincial Museum, F N Jones Collection: 309897

  • Between 1864 and now

    The telephone, radio, TV, computers and internet were invented.

  • 1920’s

    Edward Moore retires

    In the early 1920’s Edward Moore retired and departed for England. His two sons, Edward Burns Moore Jnr and Philip Moore took over the firm.

    Image: Moore, Mr. Nelson Provincial Museum, Tyree Studio Collection: 51408

  • 1930’s

    The Great Depression

    For New Zealand, as for most of the world, the great depression of the early 1930s was the most shattering economic experience ever recorded.

    The depression caused the demise of many businesses and law firms. However, Pitt & Moore with its determination and loyal client base, had the good fortune to weather the storm.

  • 1944

    Edward Burns Moore passes away

    On the death of Edward in 1944 his son Ian Moore joined Pitt & Moore but later left to form another firm in 1950.

  • Between 1925 and now

    There have been 24 New Zealand Prime Ministers.

  • 1964

    100 Year Anniversary

    In 1964, Pitt & Moore celebrated its 100-Year Anniversary.

  • 1970’s onwards

    Next generations

    As the 70’s dawned Philip Moore retired, ending the Moore family’s direct connection with the firm.

    Over the years, there have been many lawyers and staff who together have had a profound influence on firm’s reputation, culture and connection to our community. One generation after the next leaving their handprint.

    Pitt & Moore prides itself on the diverse and interesting backgrounds of many of our past and present colleagues. We continue to be proud of the high calibre of people who have called Pitt & Moore home at some stage during their careers.

  • 1984

    Cutting edge technology

    The firm invested in its first computer to make trust accounting easier. At that time, the computer cost around NZD 45,000. It was a stepping stone to a new era of technology.

  • Between 1987 and now

    The All Blacks have played in excess of 50 matches in nine Rugby World Cup tournaments, winning the Cup at least three times.

  • 2003

    Richmond office opens

    Pitt & Moore opened an office in Richmond.

  • 2000’s

    Immigration wave

    By early 2000’s Pitt & Moore’s Immigration practice had emerged as a speciality.

    Offering a nuanced understanding of the hurdles employers face in bringing overseas talent to New Zealand for short or long term stays.

    Pitt & Moore’s Immigration practice today provides a full range of immigration services to international and major New Zealand corporations across a range of industries, as well as smaller companies. We also assist individuals and their families with their immigration requirements.

  • 2007

    Global financial crisis

    The worst financial crisis since the Great Depression hit the world. Australia and New Zealand escaped the worst of the financial crisis. Pitt & Moore weather another storm.

  • Between 1864 and now

    Over the years we have built on our proud heritage, providing ethical and expert legal services.