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Large backlog at the Immigration New Zealand's Business Migration Branch

We have been advised by the Business Migration Branch that they currently have over 260 Entrepreneur Work Visas in the queue awaiting to be allocated to an Immigration Officer for assessment.

It is currently taking 30 weeks from lodgement for the applications to be allocated to Immigration Officers for consideration.

It is our understanding that there are currently only four Business Immigration Specialists working on Entrepreneur Work Visas and amongst the four of them, they have 355 applications on hand, which means that they are experiencing significant capacity restraints.

We have been also advised that the team is working overtime and are going through a recruitment process to bring on more Business Immigration Specialists to address the backlog.

Immigration New Zealand is obviously aware that under capacity creates a processing bottleneck which in turn is detrimental to investment in New Zealand. To demonstrate this point, only last week one of our migrant Entrepreneur clients had to back out of a $600,000 business purchase because the Vendor was not prepared to consider making the Sale and Purchase Agreement conditional for the time it would take to get a decision on an Entrepreneur Work Visa Application. Others are still in the queue, with millions of dollars sitting waiting to be invested in our economy.

Immigration officers and managers in the Business Migration Branch must be under immense pressure and as an industry we should be patient and treat them with courtesy and respect in our interactions with them.

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