Continued suspension of temporary visa applications from outside New Zealand

Unsurprisingly, New Zealand Government has confirmed that it is continuing the suspension of offshore temporary visa applications for a further 3 months, until 6 August 2021. However, the current suspension doesn’t apply to visa applicants who are located in Australia, Cook Islands or Niue. They are able to submit suitable temporary visa applications, including NZeTA, Visitor Visas, Work Visas, Student Visas or in the case of Australian passport holders they can travel to New Zealand without a visa (provided that they meet the character requirements).

The current suspension also doesn’t apply to the following visa applications:

  • relationship-based visas for partners and dependent children of New Zealand citizens and residents;
  • visas for diplomatic, consular and official staff and accompanying dependants;
  • Antarctic Traveller Visitor visas and Antarctic Work visas;
  • Recognised Seasonal Employer Limited visas.

Given the current global environment, we anticipate that the suspension period will be extended again – three months at a time – until at least the end of 2021.

In terms of processing of visa applications, applicants who are in and have lodged applications from within New Zealand or Australia or Cook Island or Niue are given first priority. This includes residence class as well as temporary entry class visas.

While it is still possible to submit residence applications from offshore, we recommend that applicants seek advice as to whether it would be beneficial or worthwhile to lodge a residence application at the present time or in the near future.

We will continue to monitor the developments in this area and will provide further updates as needed. We encourage interested parties to subscribe to our Publications page.

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