Immigration NZ bungle up notifications sent to migrants about visa extensions

Immigration NZ has made a significant administrative error on 23 December 2020 telling migrants their temporary Visas will be extended when in fact they were not eligible for the automatic visa extension.

This is far from ideal, especially if the visas held by the affected migrants have expired in the meantime or are about to expire. We are concerned that some migrants may not appreciate that they need to take urgent action to renew their temporary visas and could possibly become unlawful. It is also possible that some migrants may have become unlawful as their visas could have already expired due to the time it has taken Immigration NZ time to discover their error.

We understand that Immigration NZ is now in the process of contacting the migrants who received emails in error to clarify their eligibility for an automatic temporary visa extension. From the communications that we have received, Immigration NZ is currently not giving those prejudiced by their mistake any leeway. We don’t believe that this is good enough. Migrants are under incredible stress at the moment experiencing massive uncertainly. Significant errors of this nature from Immigration NZ add to that uncertainty.

If migrants have been told by Immigration NZ that they are eligible for an automatic visa extension, then Immigration NZ should honour their advice and issue the extensions.

Migrants should be able to rely on communications from Immigration NZ concerning visa extensions. That is especially the case if the migrant has relied on Immigration Nz’s advice and:

  1.  their Visa has expired so they are now unlawfully in New Zealand; or
  2. they have insufficient time to submit a well prepared application for a further Visa

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