Pathway to residence for migrant workers in the dairy industry

Many migrants currently work in the dairy industry, filling skills shortages on farms when there aren’t enough Kiwi workers available. A large proportion of migrant workers in this sector hold employer assisted Essential Skills Work Visas.

In a recent development, from 15 February 2021, Immigration New Zealand have introduced new task descriptions for Dairy Cattle Farmers that will inform the assessment process for Essential Skills work visas and Skill Migrant Category resident visas. This move may assist migrant workers in the dairy industry to secure a pathway to residence, which to date has not been possible.

Statistics New Zealand and the dairy sector – which contributes around 3.5% to our GDP – have developed new task descriptions for dairy farming workers to better represent the skill level requirements in the industry.

There are three new subcategory roles under the occupation of Dairy Cattle Farmer (121313) in the Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO). These roles are:

–         Dairy Farm Manager (Skill Level 1)

–         Assistant Dairy Farm Manager (Skill Level 3)

–         Dairy Herd Manager (Skill Level 3)

While the new descriptions don’t appear under the current Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) version 1.2, Immigration Officers have been instructed that applications made after 15th February 2021 will need to be assessed based on the immigration-specific view for Dairy Cattle Farmer roles. Immigration New Zealand will continue to refer to ANZSCO 1.2 for all other types of roles when assessing residence and temporary entry applications.

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