Stand Down Period for Lower Skilled Foreign Workers Coming Into Play in August 2020

The New Zealand Government is very conscious that their existing stand-down policy is due to come into play in August this year. This means that lower-skilled Essential Skills foreign workers who have worked in New Zealand for three consecutive years, on ‘lower-skilled’ visas issued for 12 months at a time since 28 August 2017, will be subject to a 1-year stand-down period where they must leave New Zealand. Unless, of course, these foreign workers are able to obtain a different type of visa.

The stand-down period will have a range of impacts for New Zealand employers and foreign workers. Many foreign workers may be forced to leave New Zealand as they may not be eligible for any other type of visa. Overall, it will be tougher for all migrants to get work visas in a COVID-19 economic environment.

In anticipation of the stand-down period, Immigration New Zealand have announced that lower skilled temporary healthcare workers, will be given a reprieve in a form of additional 12 months before they would be subject to the stand-down period (i.e. required to leave New Zealand for 1-year period). This change will be implemented with the aim to assist New Zealand to maintain the workforce in the healthcare sector during a critical time.

Immigration New Zealand is yet to issue revised immigration instructions to solidify this change. At this stage, it has also not been indicated which roles would fall within the “healthcare worker” definition. However, we anticipate that these roles may include caregivers, personal carers, nursing support workers, and hospital orderlies.

We will update you as further information comes to light.

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