Why now is the time for Employers to review their Employment Agreements and Policies

There are two good reasons for Employers to start reviewing their current employment agreements and policies now.

Upcoming changes to employment law

There are a number of changes to employment law coming into force this year which Employers need to be prepared for. The key changes include a reintroduction of set meal and rest breaks, and the restriction of 90 day trial periods to Employers with less than 20 Employees. There will also be an increase to the minimum wage to $17.70 per hour on 1 April 2019 and Employees will become entitled to 10 days’ paid domestic violence leave each year.

In many cases Employers will need to update their employment agreements and practices (and in some cases their policies as well) to reflect these changes. For more information about workplace policies please read our our article on “The Importance of Workplace Policies”.

Requirement for mandatory accreditation where employing migrant workers

The Government is also proposing a significant change to the way that Employers support work visas by suggesting that all Employers hiring migrant workers must be accredited. While consultation is underway Immigration New Zealand has signalled strongly that this change will be implemented.

If the proposal comes into force Employers wishing to gain accreditation will need to provide their employment agreements and policies to Immigration New Zealand. It is important that employment agreements, policies and practices are fully compliant to avoid difficulties in obtaining accreditation and supporting visa applications in the future.

How Pitt & Moore can help

At Pitt & Moore Lawyers our employment team can review Employment Agreements, Employment Policies and your current employment practices as part of an employment health check-up for your business.

If any changes are required to your existing employment documents, or you need new Employment Agreements and Polices drafted, we can assist you with this so that full compliance with minimum employment requirements are met. We can also advise on how to introduce variations to employment agreements, changes to policies, and new policies to staff in a procedurally correct way.

What sets us apart is that each of our Employment Lawyers are also specialised immigration experts. This means that we can advise on all employment issues affecting your business, including issues connected to hiring migrant workers.

Talk to us

If you would like advice on this topic or any other employment related issue please contact our Employment Team today.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this publication is of a general nature and is not intended as legal advice. It is important that you seek legal advice that is specific to your circumstances.

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