Update on the Skilled Migrant Category and Parent Category: Is this a good time to jump into the EOI Pool?

On 19 October 2020 Immigration NZ announced a further deferral of Expression of Interest (EOI) selections for the Skilled Migrant Category and Parent Category. The selection of these EOIs was initially suspended by the government in April 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Immigration NZ have indicated that they will notify people who have previously submitted EOIs in these categories of the continued deferral.

We appreciate that this decision to further defer the selections will be very disappointing for many migrants who want to pursue residence in New Zealand as well as to those who are already New Zealander residents or citizens and want to bring their parents to New Zealand.

There are many migrants in New Zealand who have submitted their EOIs under the Skilled Migrant Category and will now need to wait much longer to see if their EOI gets selected from the pool. If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, please get in touch with Pitt & Moore Lawyers so we can expertly guide you through your (and your family’s) options for remaining in New Zealand.

When it comes to the Skilled Migrant Category, bear in mind that an EOI is current for a period of six months from the date of initial submission to the Pool unless EOIs haven’t been selected from the Pool within that six-month period. Where this is the case, an EOI is current until such time as a selection from the Pool has occurred.

Should I hold off from submitting an EOI for the Skilled Migrant Category?

In the current environment, whether it is in your best interest to hold off from submitting an EOI under the Skilled Migrant Category will very much depend on your personal circumstances. We highly recommend that skilled migrants get professional advice and guidance with respect to this question to ensure that they clearly understand all of pros and cons and can make an informed decision.

Is there a cut off period for EOIs in the Parent Category Pool?

The current immigration instructions do not include a currency or a cut off period for EOIs in the Parent Category Pool. This means that EOIs can remain in the Pool indefinitely, awaiting their selection. On the other hand, the applicable instructions specify that EOIs are selected from the Pool based on the date the EOIs were entered into the Pool. Hence there is a benefit in getting into the queue as soon as all of the necessary requirements are met.  

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