Resident visa holder with a first offence gets to stay in New Zealand

We helped John*, a Resident Visa Holder to stay in New Zealand. He pleaded guilty to a charge of drink driving and was convicted.

Even though this was a first offence, he received a letter from Immigration New Zealand telling him he was likely to be deported.

Not wanting to leave New Zealand where he lives with his family, he approached Pitt & Moore for legal advice.

Our immigration team, was able to build a case based on John’s family circumstances, work and employment history and other aspects that supported his wish to stay in New Zealand and appeal the deportation notice.

As a result, John was allowed to stay in New Zealand initially for two years.

During this time, he must meet special conditions, such as not re-offending. At the end of two years, his case will be reviewed and if he has met the conditions and not re-offended, he will be able to stay.

*Name changed for privacy reasons.

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