Resident Visa holder convicted of second offence, has conviction overturned

Sally*, came to Pitt & Moore, after being charged and convicted of a second offence of drink driving. Because this was a second offence, she was under pressure from Immigration New Zealand to leave the country immediately.

Sally had already been charged and convicted of a first offence of possession of drugs. Her Deportation Liability Notice had been suspended for two years, with the condition that she does not re-offend within that period. By re-offending Sally had broken this condition and subsequently, Immigration New Zealand served her with a Deportation Order.

Immigration New Zealand asked her to show she had booked flights and was leaving the country. It was putting a lot of pressure on her to get on a plane.

Sally was living in New Zealand with her child and partner at the time. Just as she was being asked to leave, she sought legal advice from Pitt & Moore.

Our on-site litigations lawyers successfully appealed the conviction, and we were able to negotiate with Immigration New Zealand on compassionate grounds. This resulted in the convictions being discharged. She was then able to stay in New Zealand as the deportation order was cancelled. 

In this case, Pitt & Moore was able to offer both criminal and immigration legal advice, which helped ensure a good outcome for Sally, and her family.

*Name changed for privacy reasons.

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