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We offer specialist immigration advice and tailored solutions helping individuals, families and employers with all aspects of immigration law.

Immigration Law is a complex and ever-changing field. Our specialist team has extensive experience advising on all aspects of the immigration process for clients based in or outside of New Zealand.  

Our timely, practical and focused advice helps clients get the best possible outcomes.

Whether you are in New Zealand or offshore, we will tailor our service to your needs every time.

Pitt & Moore offer immigration advice for:

We offer a free initial 15-minute immigration legal consultation

Our dedicated team of immigration experts can help you with all aspects of immigration law.

We are experts in each step of the immigration process. We can assist you with visa applications (temporary and residence), appeals to the Immigration & Protection Tribunal, citizenship applications, as well as property and business purchases.

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Meet your Pitt & Moore immigration specialists:

  • Heather Collins

  • Elly Fleming

  • Lavinia Askin

  • Hannah-Jean McCarthy

Immigration advice for employers

If you are looking to employ or retain a migrant worker on either a short or long term basis to fill a position in your business, our team of experienced Immigration Lawyers can assist you.

We can assess the eligibility of your business, provide strategic advice, facilitate the application process and increase the chances of a favourable decision.

We act for a number of national and global companies, managing their immigration needs as they arise. We have tried and tested processes and systems in place to help employers with migrant workers to secure visas for their employees quickly and effectively. 

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Immigration advice for individuals and families

Our team specialises in providing practical immigration advice and assistance with all visa applications. We can help you with your specific visa requirements irrespective of whether you are currently living in New Zealand or outside New Zealand. 

We specialise in:

  • Work to Residence Visas
  • Essential Skills Work Visas
  • Skilled Migrant Category visa applications
  • Partnership-based visa applications
  • Student visas
  • Post Study Work Visas
  • Specific Purpose Visas
  • Visitor visas
  • Entrepreneur category visas
  • Investor category visas

Should things go wrong, we have the expertise to assist with:

  • Visa refusals
  • Reconsideration requests
  • Addressing breaches of visa conditions
  • Character or Medical issues
  • Responses to Potentially Prejudicial Information letters 
  • Section 61 requests
  • Ministerial intervention requests
  •  Deportation liability proceedings 
  • Appeals to the Immigration & Protection Tribunal
  •  High Court appeals and judicial review applications
  • Overseas Investment Act advice

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Immigration advice for overstayers or people facing deportation

If you are in New Zealand and you have overstayed your visa, this is a serious matter. It is really important that you seek professional legal advice as soon as possible on your options. 

You can be deported from New Zealand because:

  • You’re here “unlawfully” (illegally) – for example, if your visa has now expired but you’ve stayed in the country
  • You’re here lawfully on a current Temporary Visa or Residence Class Visa, but you’ve done something wrong, like breaking the law (for example, you have committed a driving offence) or you have breached the conditions of your visa (for example, by working when you’ve only got a visitor visa), or withholding relevant information from Immigration New Zealand when you applied for your visa.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be served with a deportation liability notice or a deportation liability questionnaire or a deportation order by Immigration New Zealand. It is vital that you act quickly and contact an immigration lawyer to obtain advice. 

If you are worried about deportation, contact us today for expert legal advice on your options.

man in gray hoodie and black pants holding brown cardboard box

Charged with a first offense, with a wife and child in New Zealand, he received a letter telling him he was likely to be deported.

Why choose Pitt & Moore?

We are experts in each step of the immigration process. We offer a 15 minute free initial consultation.

We have assisted hundreds and hundreds of clients in the last 10 years with their visa applications.

We advise honestly and openly on your chances of success.

We take time to understand your individual circumstances and provide you with advice on all workable options.

Why use an immigration lawyer?

A lawyer has a real edge. Lawyers receive years of full-time training completing their law degrees at university. In the process they develop professional judgement and are taught to: 

  • prepare cases
  • research complex law
  • present supporting evidence, and
  • argue persuasively.

A skilfully prepared case increases the chances that an Immigration Officer, a Tribunal or a Judge will make a favourable decision.

In the complex ever changing area of immigration law, experience, knowledge and judgement can make all the difference.

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Topics: All Select